Hosmer Wine Club

Changes to Hosmer Vintage Membership

To our Hosmer Vintage Members,

We are informing you of a change in our Hosmer Vintage Membership. We are no longer taking new members, and as of 12/31/2019, every membership will expire. Although, we don’t want you to think we don’t value your dedication to Hosmer! We are transitioning into a Wine Club. This is a very common concept among wineries and we find it to be a practical move as well.

This being said, your benefits as an HVM are still good until the end of the year. The cool thing? The benefits of the Wine Club are almost the exact same (if not a little bit better)! There is no fee to sign up for the Wine Club. Here’s what the Wine Club entails:

Hosmer Wine Club

What if I don’t like what you’re sending me?
Here’s the fun thing! You have the ability to edit your shipments (to an extent). Since we are sending you exclusive wines, sometimes the inventory is not as much, or more than expected. About 2 weeks before the shipments go out, you will receive an email saying you are not able to edit your shipments. There may be some wines that you are required to receive, and others you can opt-out of. If you think you’ll really like one, you may add more if we have enough. At this stage, you can also add on some of your favorite Hosmer wines from our store.

Can I only buy the 2 shipments of 6 bottles?
You can buy as much wine as you’d like apart from the Wine Club shipments. You always get your additional 5% off wine purchases whether purchased online or in-store (very similar to the HVM set up)

Is there a shipping cost to add bottles on to my Wine Club shipment?
In the above question, we noted that you can add bottles to your shipment from our store. If you do this, you receive your Wine Club discount and the bottles ship for a discounted shipping rate. If you add 3 or 6 more bottles, they will all ship in the same case as your Wine Club wines!

What if I get the first shipment and don’t want to be in the Wine Club anymore?
Upon signing up, you commit yourself to at least 2 shipments. If you decide to cancel before then, there will be an early cancellation fee. If you want to cancel after the two shipments, then there is no charge.

What If I am local / visiting the area in the time of the shipment?
If you live nearby or visit the winery often, we have a pick-up option for the shipments. We will have specific days and time set where you can come to pick up from the winery. An added benefit is that we will have “pick-up parties” on these days sampling the wines in your shipments with food pairings – another exclusive benefit!

I have been a loyal customer for years – doesn’t that mean something?
This is our way of rewarding you! We want to remind you that many of the wines offered in our shipments are not available to the general public. These wines are only available to YOU as a Wine Club member because we recognize your valued appreciation of Hosmer wines. If you don’t want to sign up for the Wine Club, we still have a case discount for purchasing a case of wine.

Now you ask – where do I sign up?!

There is another change happening here at Hosmer: our website. We are in the process of revamping our entire website so that it is compatible with our new Wine Club! There is no way to sign up for this on our current website, but here are some ways that you can:

Call the winery. You can call us directly at 607-869-3393, give the needed information securely over the phone, and be signed up!

Come into the tasting room. The process we’d do over the phone can also be done in person. We have iPads set up in the tasting room with a direct link to the signup page.

Lastly, that direct link is below. If you’d like to do this on the computer, this link takes you directly to a portion of our new website where you signup for the Wine Club. Again, this is a secure site and is linked directly to our new page, so we are notified when you sign up!

Once the new website is up (which you will be notified about) you are able to log-in to your account, see your discounts and everything the new website has to offer

Direct Link: